Welcome to visit jining vigorously mining supplies co., LTD   The main business:1.5Tons of electric locomotive、3Tons of electric locomotive、7Tons of electric locomotive、10Tons of electric locomotive, such as various types of electric locomotive

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About to industrial and mining

    Jining vigorously mining supplies co., LTD is a large enterprise yutai county development zone of jining,The registered capital1000Wan,Is economic kauniainen administration for industry and commerce for examination and approval of registration,Cultivate support of e-commerce enterprises and manufacturing enterprises。
       The company is located in the beautiful scenery the shore of beautifiul weishan lake,The Ming's canal according to the city,Weishan lake large freshwater lake in north China in the east,The culture of the world civilization birthplace in the north the hometown of Confucius in shandong qufu,Has a profound cultural foundation“Xiao xian home”Is famous for its ancient city——Shandong YuTai。
      The company is the collection production and electrical machinery manufacturing in one of the high-tech enterprises,My company technical force is abundant,Manufacturing equipment is complete,Detection means have advanced level in the same industry,With large-scale production capacity。The main production products:All kinds of wiring electric locomotive series、Battery electric locomotive series、Grilled mining slag machine series、Shaft catch slag machine series and the security equipment under mine........

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Contact us

Jining vigorously mining supplies co., LTD
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Corporate vision
Corporate vision

To carry out all the time“The customer is supreme”The aim of the
Provide high quality products and high quality service

The goal of enterprise
The goal of enterprise

Feet on the ground Have the courage to challenge
Strive to build top machinery manufacturing Sales Service system

Enterprise idea
Enterprise idea

Pioneering spirit Unity
People-oriented A harmonious society

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